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    How To Save Money At The Airport

    We all know how expensive traveling can be. What most people don’t take into account is the expenses you incur at the airport. If you’re lucky and have a direct flight, you only have to deal with most of those expenses once. However, if you have multiple stops or are traveling internationally, you’re most likely going to spend  $50 on miscellaneous things. I have gathered a bunch of tips on how to save money while being at airports to help other people not make the same traveling mistakes I have.


    Water is one of the most unnecessary expenses at airports. Nowadays, many airports have the water refill stations or drinking fountains. The best thing you can do to avoid the cost of $5 water bottles is to bring reusable water bottles or even an empty plastic water bottle. We all know about the no liquids rule, but just make sure you empty out the bottles before you go into security and enjoy the free water in the terminals!

    2.BYOM (Bring your own meals)

    I have avoided spending a solid $40 on just meals at the airport almost every time I fly. This part might seem very tedious to you but I can assure you that it’s worth it in the end. Meals at the airport are known for being ten times more expensive and sometimes not even decent sized. I usually will pack 2-3 meals depending on how long my flights and layovers are. The last time I flew I brought breakfast, lunch, dinner and my hydroflask. I put everything in plastic baggies so I could throw it away when I was done and didn’t have to hold onto containers. My breakfast was a bagel, lunch was a sandwich with some chips & fruit and dinner was spaghetti with meatballs. I was satisfied all day and didn’t have to spend a ton of money on a greasy burger or a $20 personal pizza!

    3. Snacks

    This one is super important because I recently spent $9 at the airport for…snacks. I had forgotten to bring my usual snack mix when I packed my food and I was traveling for 12 hours. I had to give in and spend $9 on a box of snacks (which was full of stuff I normally bring). Do yourself a favor and go to the dollar tree, Walmart or Target before your trip to stock up on $5 worth of snacks to feed you and your family.


    Luggage is also one of the most expensive parts of traveling, depending on the airline you fly. My first tip is to see if you can fly with airlines like Southwest who offer free checked bags. Another thing I have come to learn is that basic economy does not actually save you as much money as we would like it to. Most domestic airlines charge $25, per bag each way and international as much as $70 per bag each way. This pretty much defeats the purpose of dealing with all the negatives that basic economy comes with. My second tip for luggage is to determine if it’s worth paying to check a bag. If you are going on a 5-day trip somewhere in the U.S or even internationally, try and pack light and fit it all in a carry-on. I’m going to be making a post in the next few weeks that talks about traveling with just a carry-on.

    These are the most basic tips that will save you a ton of money at airports. If you have any other tips feel free to comment down below to help other travelers!

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    How to Cope with Anxiety


    10 ways to cope with Anxiety

    Having anxiety has been one of the most frustrating things to deal with in my life. It’s constant worrying, second guessing and indecisiveness. A long time ago I used to be care free and just “go with the flow” of things. Things are a lot different now but I’m learning how to deal with my anxiety and hopefully one day smash it all together. Now, I’m not going to be writing about how to get rid of anxiety all together because honestly I don’t know how to do that yet. I am going to be telling you the ways I have been able to cope with having anxiety.

    1. Exercise
    I’m sure you’ve all heard that exercise can cure depression, anxiety, and overall stress. Well this is 100% the truth. There are weeks where I barely workout and I can definitely feel the difference in my state of mind. During and after a workout I tend to let my worries go and I just focus on the pain that I’m voluntarily putting myself through. The best part of this is what happens after the workout; the endorphin rush! I can’t stress to you enough how great I feel after a workout. With a regular exercise routine, you can feel this endorphin rush consistently and it will help chill you out and ease your anxiety. Try going for a run or doing a home-workout the next time you’re feeling overly anxious and you’ll notice the difference.

    2. Sleep
    Okay so this might seem a little contradicting because usually if you’re anxious you can’t sleep. However, even in my most anxious and stressed out times I can take melatonin and put myself to sleep at a normal time. I’m not usually the one to promote taking medicine to cure everything but if you’re too anxious to sleep I’d definitely consider taking some sort of sleep aid. One night of good sleep will usually put me back on a regular sleeping schedule and leave me feeling refreshed during the day.

    3. Limit Caffeine
    I know we all love our cup of coffee or energy drinks. However, caffeine can aggravate anxiety and potentially trigger panic attacks. I know that there have been times when I get a panic attack for no reason just because I have way too much caffeine in my system. If you are drinking 5 cups of coffee in the morning and wondering why you feel anxious, maybe you should cut back a little. Personally, one cup of coffee in the morning is enough to put me in a good mood and get me through the day. Any more than that and I start to feel like the energizer bunny on speed.

    4. Meditation
    I wish I could say I meditated more but I don’t. When I was at the peak of my mental health I was meditating for 10 minutes every night before bed. I would go on YouTube and look up a quick meditation video and close my eyes and relax. The first few times you try this you are going to probably feel super weird and think its not working. I promise if you keep trying and just let your thoughts pass and not dwell on them you’ll feel the difference. Even if you meditate for 5 minutes it’s still better than nothing.

    5. Journaling
    This is something that has helped me out of the darkest of places. Sometimes you’re feeling a certain way and you can’t find the words to explain it to someone. I would write in a journal every single thing that I was anxious about, even if it was as silly as forgetting to get my eyebrows done. I wish I was joking when I say that I was anxious about that once. After you write everything down you make a separate list about all the things you are grateful for. This will help put your mind into perspective and realize there is more to life than what you’re anxious about.

    6. Affirmations
    Positive affirmations have been something I have gotten in the habit of doing. When you are constantly telling yourself something you are going to start believing it. The more negative thoughts or anxious thoughts you have in your head, the bigger they become. I try to be positive and tell myself simple things such as:
    “You are not your thoughts and feelings, and they don’t have to bring you down”
    “This is only temporary”
    “You’re exactly where you are right now because that’s where you need to be”

    Saying these frequently will help you believe they are all true. I have noticed a change in my mindset ever since I started using positive affirmations.

    7. Talk to someone
    Being able to tell someone how you’re feeling can relieve some of the weight on your shoulders and make you feel less alone. This can be a friend, a family member or even a therapist. Personally, I loved seeing my therapist because I felt like I could tell her anything on my mind and she wouldn’t judge me. If you have the means to get a therapist, I highly suggest this. However, having a trusted friend or family member works just as well.

    8. Pay attention to anxiety triggers
    Learning what triggers your anxiety is really important for coping. I have fully identified things that cause me to become overly anxious and on edge. If you don’t know how to do this, you can start writing down when you get anxiety attacks or when you start to feel particularly anxious. After you can identify them you can specifically work on either getting rid of those stressors (depending on what it is) or how to work through them.

    9. Stay busy
    I tend to really dwell on whats making me anxious when I just sit around not doing anything. When I say “stay busy” I don’t mean overwhelm yourself with work because that will only make it worse. You could go out to lunch, clean your house/room, paint your nails, organize your closet or a part of your house. Not only will you have the satisfaction of completing a task, but you’ll have given yourself a mental break from being anxious.

    10. Learn to accept
    I saved this one for last because it’s honestly the hardest thing to do. If you know me personally then you know I’m a control freak and become stressed when things don’t go the way I pictured. However, I’ve learned to accept that I can’t control everything. You have to realize that whatever happens will happen and you’re in your current situation for a reason.

    I hope that you all could take something away from this list. Learning to overcome anxiety or even depression is very difficult and requires a lot of work. I think with patience and dedication we all could reach a very satisfied mental state of mind. If you have any tips for coping with anxiety feel free to comment down below!


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    March Favorites

    March favorites

    One thing I wanted to do on this blog were monthly favorites. I don’t know about you guys but I love finding new products to try. My monthly favorites won’t strictly be one category. They’ll feature all the things I’m loving that month whether it be music, beauty, food, restaurants and more. This month I have a variety of products for you guys!


    If you’ve never heard of or used Mercari, you’re really missing out. It’s an app where you can buy and sell new or used things. Most items are sold for really good prices and you can find almost anything in this app. There’s a wide variety ranging from Louis Vuitton purses to washing machines. I have made a decent amount of money from selling all the clothes I don’t wear. So if you’re looking to make extra cash by cleaning out your closet, I highly recommend this one. 

    2. Cody Ko’s Podcast 

    If you are looking for a funny podcast to listen to that isn’t weirdly scripted or full of advertisements this is the one for you. He also has a joint podcast with his friend Noel and that one is extremely funny but is definitely a little more raunchy.

    3. momondo.com

    I heard about this website through a family friend and it has the cheapest airline tickets that I have seen on the internet. It shows a graph of price ranges and searches hundreds of websites for the best deals. It’s easy to navigate and doesn’t require you to sign up for an email subscription. I used this website when booking my trip to Germany and I found tickets for as low as $475 round trip!

    4.  Flexxfit Leggings

    I’m always on the hunt for new workout leggings. I am determined to find leggings that are similar to Lululemon or Athleta that don’t cost $3 million for a pair. I found Flexxfit on Instagram and was a little hesitant at first but they are SO comfortable. One small thing about sizing is you should either stick to your normal size or size up. I made the mistake of sizing down on a pair and they fit a little weird and makes the fabric look weird on my body. Other than that they are extremely soft and have a thick material that is squat proof. The website is constantly having sales and is coming out with new leggings and sports bras and I plan on buying more soon!


    5. Forever 21 Green Coat

    You’ve all probably seen a girl walking around with a coat like this. They’re in style right now and I didn’t want to get one at first because I *sometimes* like to be original. However, this coat was the best $30 I’ve ever spent. I take it with me whenever I travel and for the thickness, it’s actually pretty lightweight. Like the title says, I got it at Forever 21 but these are pretty much sold everywhere. You can obviously spend an extra $100 for one that has fur lining and extra pockets, but in my opinion, you don’t need all that. I think the green coat should be a staple in everyone’s closet because it’s versatile and goes with pretty much everything.

    6. YoPup

    Okay not going to lie but I was a little weirded out by this product at first. My mom came home with it and I was certain that our dog should not be eating it. However, it’s perfectly safe for dogs to eat and actually aids in digestion. It doesn’t take up too much space in the freezer and Harley absolutely LOVES it. He gets so excited if I open up the freezer door because he thinks he’s getting a yogurt. I haven’t paid attention to see if it’s helped with his poop (i’m not sure if you even need to do this). I think it’s a yummy and safe treat option that doesn’t stink up the whole house. If you’ve ever given your dog a bully stick then you know what I’m talking about.

    7. Almond Milk Creamer

    I’m not vegan by any means but I definitely love my nondairy products. I think that vegan coffee creamer has come a long way and has potential to dominate dairy creamers. For the last 3 years I have used the Vanilla Silk coffee creamer but one day I went to the store and they were all sold out. My coffee creamer is only sold at 2 stores in my area and one of them is $6 at Whole Foods. This meant I had to suck it up and try a new coffee creamer! Horrible right? Well, I gave this almond milk creamer a try and I was not disappointed. It’s caramel flavor and the plus is that it doesn’t taste like almonds! In addition, the caramel flavor is not overwhelming so you don’t feel like you’re drinking sugar. I think the entire bottle was only $3 at Target which is pretty cheap for nondairy coffee creamer.

    8. Activia Yogurt

    I know I’m a little late to the Activia yogurt train but this stuff is amazing. I should have listened to Jamie Lee Curtis 9 years ago when she was preaching this yogurt to everyone. One of the hotels I stayed at recently had these little yogurts in the breakfast spread and I hesitantly tried it. I sometimes can’t stand the texture of yogurt so I’m really picky about the kind that I eat. But let me tell you, this stuff is like dessert. Its thick enough to where it doesn’t feel like you’re drinking a smoothie, but it’s not like eating ice cream. The strawberry flavor is my favorite but all the other flavors are good too. This yogurt also advertises that it aids in digestion and has probiotics. Do I really know what that means? No. But I’m sure it’s doing something good because it doesn’t upset my stomach!

    9. Micellar Cleansing Water

    I kept seeing this cleansing water on commercials and I didn’t believe that this “water” could really remove makeup as well as it says it does. Well, IT DOES. I don’t get the same burning sensation on my skin that makeup remover wipes sometimes give me and it doesn’t leave an oily residue. You don’t need to use this just to take off makeup! I use it after I shower to take off any dirt/oil that’s left on my skin. After I started using this water my skin has been so clear and I no longer get blackheads and pimples on my cheeks. I cannot stress how much I love this cleansing water.

    10. Bare Minerals Tinted Cream

    This product was first introduced to me 2 years ago when I got back into makeup. I wanted something that wasn’t full coverage and had SPF in it. I walked into a Bare Minerals store at the mall and right away was introduced to this product. If you have minor pimples or discoloration on your skin then you will love this stuff! You can put on multiple coats for fuller coverage or you can apply one coat just to have something on your skin. I usually stick to one coat and it does the job.

    I hope you guys get the chance to try out these products and if you did, let me know in the comments! I put links to everything but if you can find a link that has the product cheaper, feel free to share. This was not sponsored nor are they affiliate links. All of my opinions are my own. I would love to know what other products you guys have been loving this month!


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    10 Tips on How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

    The first thing people say to me when I tell them I’m in a long distance relationship is “I could never do that”. Honestly, I don’t blame them because long distance is not for the faint of heart. It requires insane patience (which I barely have), trust, communication and unconditional love. The last one seems pretty self explanatory but if you don’t love someone enough, you won’t be able to go months without seeing them. The longest my boyfriend and I have gone without seeing each other is 6 months but that was for a deployment. We normally see each other once every 2-3 months but I have been so lucky this year because I have seen him every month so far. Anyway, you’re probably wondering “Lexy how have you been able to survive this?” Well, here are some of the tips I’ve come up with over the last 2 years of being in a long distance relationship.

    1. Communication

    This is something that I really can’t stress enough. You and your partner can’t see each other face to face all the time and communicating how you feel and what you are thinking will save you so much arguing. If something is bothering you or you have a concern, tell them! Do not leave it up to your partner to try and guess what’s wrong.

    2. Trust

    Being able to trust your partner and not constantly worrying about what they’re doing is going to help you a lot. Obviously, every relationship needs to have trust, but in my opinion long distance relationships require way more. If you and your partner already have existing trust issues, you need to find a way to resolve them because you will not be able to function if you hold onto past problems. At the end of the day, if you do not trust your partner and you are constantly fighting then you need to reevaluate your relationship and decide if this is something you want to be in. (I know that sounds harsh but it’s the hard reality of trust in a relationship.)

    3. Being understanding

    It is very easy to not be understanding of your partners life away from you. I know I struggled with this at the beginning of being in a long distance relationship. My boyfriend is in the military (I will have a whole separate post on military relationships) and it was hard for me to accept his unpredictable schedule. Things will come up and you might have to go a day or two without FaceTiming or Skype, and you need to be understanding. If your partner wants to go see a movie with their friends or take a weekend vacation, you have to realize they have a life. However, if your partner is frequently coming up with excuses to not talk on the phone or text, then maybe you should take a look at who you are with.

    4. Stay busy!

    Holy moly I cannot explain how important it is to stay busy in a long distance relationship. I have spent many days sitting in bed not doing anything, which makes the distance feel that much bigger. The best thing you can do for yourself is have a daily routine. Whether this be going to work, hitting the gym, going for a run, etc. I started having a daily routine and it makes the days fly by. I remember my first summer of being in a long distance relationship. I was so depressed and I literally sat in bed all day watching Grey’s Anatomy. I look back at that summer and I wish I had been more productive.

    5. Intimacy

    There are plenty of ways to keep intimacy alive in a long distance relationship, but you won’t find those dirty details here! Keeping to the “PG” theme I have going on, don’t let distance keep you from complimenting your partner or texting romantically. There are plenty of ways to get creative and keep the romantic part of your relationship alive. Sending them a selfie and receiving a compliment can go a long way. If you shut off any romantic and intimate parts of your long distance relationship, you are essentially shutting off your “sex life”.

    6. Plan Visits

    This is one of my favorite parts of being in a long distance relationship. I usually plan my visits 1-3 months ahead, however it’s a little bit different because my boyfriend is in the military. Things change and he’ll have to suddenly be somewhere so it gets a little difficult to make solid plans. However, if you both are in school or just work in different states, planning trips doesn’t have to be so hard! You can either plan for you both to fly somewhere and meet there, or you can fly to visit one another. I was just in Florida and met my boyfriend there and we’re doing the same thing later this year in Germany. Having a trip planned makes the days go by faster because you have something to look forward to every day.

    7. Have an end goal

    Depending on how long you have been with your partner, it might be time to start looking at your end goals. This could be eventually moving in together or getting married. Having an idea of where you both want to end up makes the distance go by quicker because you know it’s only temporary.

    8. Video chatting and phone calls

    I don’t know how many long distance relationships I have seen fail because nobody makes it a priority to video chat or talk on the phone. Texting is a quick and easy tool to tell someone you are thinking of them or just to say hi. But if you are looking to keep your relationship alive, you need to have real communication. If you both have busy schedules, try to have 30 minutes in the day to talk on the phone or FaceTime! This will keep your relationship so healthy and remind you of why you’re with this person.

    9. Patience is key

    It’s very easy to get heated in an argument and either shut off your phone or not respond to the other person. I don’t know about you guys but I seriously hate being ignored. One thing you need to realize about long distance relationships is that you are going to seriously hurt your partner if you ignore them. If you are arguing and you start to feel yourself get really mad, communicate this to your partner and take a breather. My boyfriend and I had a bad track record of shutting the other person out and it made arguments unbearable. Be patient and realize that you are on the same team.

    10. Never argue over text! Seriously, don’t.

    Okay you millennials, this one is for you especially. I understand that texting is so easy and we tend to never make phone calls anymore. However, DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT (!!!!) argue over text. This is seriously going to kill your relationship and send you and your partner in a downward spiral. My boyfriend and I used to do this all the time and it is so unbelievably unhealthy. It’s a lot easier to say mean and hurtful things over text than over the phone or on Skype. In addition, people perceive texts differently and somebody’s feelings will get hurt. So please, if you took anything from this article, let it be this tip because I wish I never argued over text.

    If there was something you think I missed, feel free to comment and let me know! I’m sure the readers will appreciate the extra advice.


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    You might be wondering, Lexy made another website? *eye-roll* Well, to obviously answer that question, I did. My first attempt to making a “blog” was in January of 2016 and I was vegan at the time (i’m sure we all remember that time period) and I wanted a place to share my journey. However, having a website is extremely difficult so I ultimately gave up after two posts about nothing. I found a new “passion” and that was making Youtube videos. I still love filming and trying to find creative ways to share my thoughts, but YouTube is currently saturated with horrible content. It’s impossible for your videos to get noticed by anyone but your grandma and your moms friends (love you guys) and I wanted my content to reach more people. So, like the blog, I ultimately gave up. Then comes the period of time where I have all this creative energy and thoughts that are DYING to be shared. I wanted a place besides Instagram and Facebook to call my own so I could share my thoughts and experiences without having my posts mixed in with half naked instagram “models”. Thus, lexydenike.com is born. As a reader you can expect anything and everything that comes to my mind. I’m not going to limit myself to having a certain theme or image. It’s simply just going to be me and the things that are happening in my life. I made the mistake in the past of labeling my content as vegan or fitness related (I almost made this website called lexydenikefitness.com and I’m thanking my past-self for not doing that) which eventually leads me to insanity because I want to reach different audiences. Now, this is my first real attempt at having a website and sticking to it so please excuse some errors I might make. I thought I knew a lot about technology but turns out I’m wrong (what kind of millennial doesn’t know how to run a website?). I’m always open to suggestions so if anyone has a topic they’d like to read about or a “life hack” they want me to try, please tell me! I’m very excited for what this blog will turn into and I can’t wait to share this journey with everyone that takes time to read me ramble on.